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Billing Services

Receivables Management

CSO Financial Inc.’s Receivables Management Division provides follow-up billing for commercial accounts. This service provides an array of commercial financial services to assist businesses in maintaining a smooth flow of receivables, from the date of service or when product is purchased, to the final payment of open amounts.

We interact with your customers/clients as an extension of your business. Correspondence is tailored to your specific requirements, and only used after your approval of its content. Our goal is to maximize the effectiveness of your staff while significantly reducing your receivables cost.


Medical Services

Due to governmental legislation, patient demands, and the ever increasing complexities of medical insurance, medical billing has become extremely sophisticated, placing tremendous challenges on small medical practice whose staff is often dealing with greeting patients and as well as billing. Even at larger practices and hospitals, profit margins are squeezed to the extent where it makes sense to outsource the private-pay portion of billing functions to our Medical Services division.

You determine the degree of involvement CSO Financial Inc. has in your cash flow cycle. Our billing professionals are trained to your recovery goals.  Medical Services recovery is the most sensitive area of receivables recovery,  and your billing service should keep that foremost in the minds of their personnel while they are acting on your facility’s behalf.

Client references for Medical Services are available on request.