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Ask Doctor Debt was created by the ACA International Education Foundation to provide free and unbiased answers to consumers' debt questions. You can be assured that no personal information is ever collected on this site and that users' privacy will never be compromised.

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Ask Doctor Debt offers three easy debt solutions:

1) Know Your Rights when dealing with creditors and debt collectors.
2) Take Action to avoid further debt and resolve your current debt.
3) Get Answers to your debt questions and read answers to submitted questions.

If you have a complaint against a debt collector, Ask Dr. Debt can help you. Remember, debt doesn't have to last forever. There's a path to a better day. Ask Doctor Debt can help!

Business Resources

If you have receivables you'd like to collect, but have never worked with a collections agency before, below are the answers to some basic questions about how CSO Financial works with its clients. Please refer to the "Contact Us" page for more specific questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does CSO Financial charge to collect?
There are no up-front charges. CSO Financial gets paid when we successfully collect your account.

What are the chances my debt will be recovered?
CSO Financial has a debt recovery rate that consistently is above the national average. Of course collectability is affected by the age of the account and the information you provide with the account.

When will we receive our portion of the collection?
Client remittance checks are sent or delivered during the month following the month in which the money was recovered.

What information should I send to CSO Financial with the debt?
Information is invaluable to the collector working your account. CSO Financial provides an "Account Assignment" sheet that outlines the information we would like to have, if it is available to you. If, after you have sent an account to CSO, you become aware of new information, we encourage you to advise our Client Services staff.

What does CSO Financial do if the consumer pays me after the account has been sent to CSO?
We ask that you limit any communication with the consumer and refer them directly to CSO Financial. If you receive a payment or an offer of payment, again direct them to CSO and/or contact CSO to obtain an accurate payoff amount and send the payment you receive directly to CSO.

Will this show on their credit record?
All eligible accounts over $50.00 can be credit reported to the three major credit reporting agencies after 90 days.

What do I do if they file bankruptcy?
Advise CSO Financial immediately if you become aware of any bankruptcy proceedings affecting the account you have assigned to us.